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Slider Company in Mumbai works on the philosophy of product enhancement. By product enhancement we mean at improvising the existing one and putting in loads of efforts in creating innovative and outstanding quality products.

Our main concern is to ensure that all product requirements are fulfilled and as far as product availability and instant delivery is concerned our logistic department of Slider Company in Mumbai is prepared for all kinds of bulk orders and they ensure that the quality and quantity of the product is never compromised at any point of time.

We have strong customer care team which is ready to answer your queries and solve any inconvenience caused related to delivery, product quality or quantity. Our every department is ready to serve you at any point of time Let’s say it’s our Planning department, do you think that it would have created those “Made to Measure” instruments without our technological instruments that have helped our internal planning department to recreate existing products and create brand new products for you.

Slider Company in Mumbai uses proper dimensions and raw materials to produce best quality products. Products manufactured by our experts have to undergo all types of tests which include traction, yield, tensile strength and durability.

Since we are operating in a global marketplace so we abide by the international quality standards and strive to become the best manufacturer of hardware fittings and plastic bearings.

Slider specializes in the design and manufacturing of plastic bearings, associated assemblies, and hardware fittings that offer many advantages over the traditional steel bearings. The slider also has stepped into manufacturing and sales of aluminum and steel products along with plastic-based materials such as PVC seals, window sliders, patch fitting, window hinges, door support, etc. Lately, the company has ventured into glass hardware fittings seeing the product trends & future architectural revolution. Operating in a truly global marketplace, we adhere to high international quality standards and are constantly striving to stretch the boundaries of plastic bearing technology and hardware fittings. From the beginning, the company has favored a policy of continues updating. Today we are able to offer even the most demanding clients a complete and diversified range of products. Slider never limits itself to their product list and keeps on innovating to provide our clients with new and better products.

Slider Company in Mumbai is standing next to you whenever you find any issues with the service or product. Our office is located in Thane (Mumbai) and you can browse our website link for more details about our services and products.

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Slider has only one Philosophy that is product enhancement. We do continuous research in new applications, requirements, & developing a innovative and better product. We use Value Analysis to scan and fulfill all product requirements.


High capacity storage allows the company to set delivery standards with high precision. Thanks to slider's Logistics department to ensure on time deliveries in perfect Quality & Quantities. Service is sliders one of the strongest points to offer to our clients.


The planning phase is of great importance as slider wont be able to produce "Made to Measure" products with specific shape and dimensions without our technological instrument that enables internal planning to serve you better with each new product.

Quality Control

Slider accepts all the market quality measures which guarantees on the quality checks on each product. Quality controls tests quality in terms of traction, yield, tensile strength and durability. Using proper dimensions and raw materials to produce best quality products.


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