Aluminium Door Fitting

C Fitting With Poly Acetal Bearing
Sliding Doors fitting FOR C - Type Channel with MS Bracket Powder Coating.
C Fitting With Channel
Sliding Door channel C - Type With The Complete fittings for better performance.
Sizes - 4,5,5.5,6,7,8,9,10,12
C Channel With Ball Fittings
Sliding Door Channel Ball type with complete fittings. SS - 304 Balls. Sizes - 4,5,5.5,6,7,8,9,10,12
G Fitting 1" Section ®
Sliding Door fitting with 1" Section with MS Bracket powder coating & galvanised.
G Fitting 1" Section (S)
Sliding Doors fitting for G- Type Channel 1" series with MS Bracket Powder Coating & galvanized.
G Fittings With Poly Acetal Bearing
Sliding Doors fitting for G - Type Channel with MS Bracket Powder Coating & Polyacetal Bearings.
G Fittings With Steel Bearing
Sliding Doors Fitting for G- Type Channel with MS Bracket Powder Coating & Steel Bearings ( SAE 52100 ).
Curtain Wall Slider
Slider for Curtain Wall Fitting
Color - IVORY      BLACK

Aluminum Door Fitting Manufacturer

Slider Bearing, the aluminium door fitting manufacturer, known for its quality products, provide varieties of aluminium door fittings. Aluminium material has its own unique key features. Our aluminium door fitting made with the superior quality of raw materials, high-end technology, workforce etc. provide output in terms of quality.  Aluminium door fitting ensures long life and flexibility in terms of design.

Being one of the finest Aluminium Door Fitting Manufacturer we work on the philosophy of product enhancement. By product enhancement we mean at improvising the existing one and putting in loads of efforts in creating innovative and outstanding quality products.

Our main concern is to ensure that all product requirements are fulfilled and as far as product availability and instant delivery is concerned our logistic department of is prepared for all kinds of bulk orders and they ensure that the quality and quantity of the product is never compromised at any point of time.

We understand the importance of installing an outstanding door like aluminium doors in a building. These doors are known to give extraordinary stability (without deformation), Excellent thermal insulation, high level of safety, they remain as it is for years- long life and besides all these great benefits they are environment friendly. So an individual have enough reasons to install them. But not to buy them from any Aluminium Door Fitting Manufacturer.ssss

Slider Bearing manufactures and distributes sliding door fitting, sliding door channel, and curtain wall slider. Sliding door fittings are very useful for installing sliding doors in your home or office. Sliding door fittings can be used for cabinets, cupboards, windows, balconies, and patio. Slider door fittings save space in your home and office. Sliding doors and windows keep the dust, draft, and rain out of your premise with the help of sliding door channels. Sliding doors offer a pleasant flow of wind between indoor and outdoor space of your home. Sliding door channels make the movement of sliding doors very easy. You just have to gently push the door aside to open the door.

Slider Bearing, as a leading aluminium door fitting manufacturer, provides all the variations of aluminium door fitting hardware at reasonable prices with a good quality. The core feature of our aluminium door fitting products is that they are resistant to all weather conditions. As one of the best aluminium door fitting manufacturer, we ensure quality with quantity.

Under Aluminum Door Fitting category we have extensive range which includes C Fitting with Ply Acetal Bearing, C Channel with Ball Fittings, C Fitting with Channel, G Fitting 1’’ Section, G Fitting 1’’ Section (S), G Fitting with Poly Acetal Bearing,  G Fitting with Steel Bearing, Curtain Wall Slider. You can pick the one as per your requirement.





We are engaged in manufacturing not only Aluminium door fitting but we provide wide range of products which include patch fitting, shower hinges, glass connectors, door lock, door closer, stainless handle, spider fitting, floor spring, reinforced bars, knighthead accessories, window accessories, automatic door control and optimum quality of our products is widely appreciated by our clients.

Slider Company in Mumbai is standing next to you whenever you find any issues with the service or product. Our office is located in Thane (Mumbai).

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