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It looks wonderful when the door of shopping malls open automatically before entering into a shopping mall. It feels like a magical experience. But how does it happen? Well, these are called automatic door control system. You will find such automatic doors mostly at shopping malls, airports, hospitals, and commercial office buildings.

All the automatic door control manufacturer assembles automatic doors installed with sensors which act as a motion detection equipment. These sensors are installed either on the top of the automatic door or on side of the automatic door. Automatic doors allow easy access to people to enter into the malls or buildings. Automatic door control system is useful when there is a continuous movement of people rushing in and out.

Usually customers prefer Automatic Doors in hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores, airports etc. Besides giving convenience in entering the place an automatic door is significant in terms of the place also. These locations are considered to be important places in our daily lives and the quality of door accessories installed in these places needs to be outstanding and reliable. This is the major reason one should prefer only the best Automatic Door Control manufacturer for purchasing the necessary accessories for the automatic doors here.


Slider Bearing is the leading automatic door control manufacturer. We at Slider Bearing focus on giving high-tech automatic door control system to our clients. As a leading automatic door control manufacturer, we have automatic doors available in a variety of shape, color, styles, finishes, and designs. Our automatic doors will enhance the design of the entrance of your premises. Our automatic door control system made from advanced technology and engineering concept makes us the best automatic door control manufacturer. Our automatic doors ensure safety and security in all the situations.

We offer automatic doors with a different type of sensors installed in it such as pressure sensor, an infrared sensor, ultrasonic sensor, and an optical sensor.

For example, automatic door with pressure sensor has larger area placed in front and behind the building. Automatic door opens only when the weight exceeds the set weight limit. Infrared sensor installed in automatic door detects a change in temperature. If the temperature is warmer, representing a human, then it will activate movement of the door. The ultrasonic sensor sends microwaves to detect whether there is an object (human) coming in the way. When the ultrasonic sensor detects the object it activates the opening and closing of door mechanism.


Since we are leading Automatic Door Control manufacturer company in Mumbai, so we provide all types of automatic doors which includes Blast Resistant Doors (majorly designed to safeguard human life and protect them from detonations), Standard Sliding Doors (This is the most popular automatic and functional door installed in malls etc), Fire Resistant Doors , Emergency Exit Doors, Doors for X-Ray Rooms, Curved Sliding Doors (these doors allow an elegant entrance without losing the functionality of a sliding door), Revolving Doors (These are the best solution if you want to maintain the inside temperature of a building and offer grand entrance simultaneously), Hermetic Glass Clear View Doors (These are preferred for ICU rooms because of the visibility factors and insulating properties which enables them to maintain the air tightness in the room.

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