SDC - 1 30 - 45 kg

SDC - 2 45 - 75 kg

Door Closer Specification:

dg Extruded Slim Aluminium Alloy Housing Precision Machined And Finished.
dg Two Speed Controls.
dg Universal Mounting Left And Right-Hand Doors Without Adjustment.
dg Smooth Rack & Pinion Movement Mechanism.
dg Suitable For Light Syntex, Wooden & Aluminium Framed Doors.
dg Suitable For On - door & On - Frame Installation
dg Sturdy & Versatile Lever Arm With Possibility of Door Opening Force Adjustment.

Slider Spring, Hydraulic Door Closer

A door closer is a mechanical device that will automatically close the door if someone has opened it but this is not enough.

Besides doing the above task any hydraulic door closer or spring door closer perform vast number of functions and that’s why you need to ensure that you have one and its working efficiently too. In most of the places, door closers are used on interior doors. These door closers are categorized into four different types which includes surface-mounted, concealed in the frame, concealed in the door or concealed in the floor. All these types of doors provide you different level of safety, durability and reduction in the risk of vandalism. So you can pick the one as per your need.

Mostly interior doors use hydraulic door closer. Slider Bearing can help you describe the functionality of each kind of door closer. Although functionality is one reason but safety becomes the prime reason of having then in your doors. You will hardly find any fire door without a door closer, the purpose is to prevent spread of smoke and fire.

Another reason is maintaining a static temperature for long period of time. Can you imagine a chilled room without shutting down doors of your room? If you have installed slider door closer or any other door closer as per your need, then the colder air will not escape out from your room which will eventually maintain perfect temperature inside your room.

A Door closer is the most important part of the door. A door closer is a mechanical device that is responsible for the smooth movement of the door. You should consider several factors such as opening and closing consistency, weight and size of the door, placement of the door etc. before purchasing a type of door closer to your door. It is because not all the door closers will be suitable for your door.

For example, a big hydraulic door closer is not suitable for your small door in your home or office as it does not match with the size of your door. We at Slider Bearing offer wide variety of door closers. The 2 highly used among them are hydraulic door closer and spring door closer. Hydraulic door closer operates on a liquid which prevents the door from making any noise.

Our high-quality hydraulic door closer comes with efficient sweep system that lets you regulate the speed of your door. If aesthetic standards are the main priority, then spring door closer is much more efficient in making the door look attractive. An overhead hydraulic door closer is not preferable for your exterior door in the commercial office as it does not satisfy aesthetic standards of your commercial office. Only a spring door closer is the perfect solution.

Therefore, over 90% of the commercial office uses spring door closer to their exterior door. Spring door closer is mounted on the floor so that they can handle the actuation of heavier doors. Our spring door closer is made of a high-quality material which is strong durable and long lasting. They come with effective sweep system so that you can customize it as and when you want.

Our door closers are suitable for on door and on frame installations.


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