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Whenever people rush in and out of your office or room and bangs the door loudly, we know that it irritates you. You need door slower from one of the best door control supplier.

That’s where Slider Bearing, the renowned door control manufacturer gives you the efficient door slower to make the actuation of your door more smooth and slow. We provide door closer, door lock, automatic door control. Our overhead door closers are durable which you can use for your interior or exterior doors.

Our overhead door closers are Suitable for light syntex, wooden & aluminium Framed Doors. To make the door slower, Door closers are already set at the fixed speed to make the movement of the door slow and steady. It prevents the door from making any noise while its movement which is beneficial to maintain silence in your room or office.

Door locks are very important for security and privacy purpose. We provide good quality of door locks which works smoothly while locking the doors. We provide automatic door slower control system which opens and closes the door itself under the control of motion detector or push button. Our automatic door control system made from high-end technology and advanced engineering concept satisfy your high technical standards.

The benefit of automatic door control system is that it provides convenience without any human struggle as compared to manual doors. Automatic doors describe rich standards of your commercial and residential building. We provide automatic doors in a variety of shapes, style, colors, finishes, and designs.

If you want to set up efficient and standard door slower control system for your premises, then we will be happy to serve you the best quality of door slower control system for your door.