Double Door Lock

We cater to customer requirements with comprehensive range Double Door Lock Knob With Indicator. These products are made with optimum grade raw material, which is procured from authorized vendors only.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Door Levers
Finish: Chrome


SDL -1 Glass to Glass Knob & Brass Key

SDL 2 Glass to Glass only Brass

SDL 3 Wall to Glass Key and Knob

SDL 4 Wall to Glass Only Knob

SDL-2 Dead Lock

SDL-3 Dead Lock Sliding Door

SDL-4 Dead Lock

SDL - 1 Cylindrical Lock Push Button with Key

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Every glass door or sliding glass door needs systematic glass door lock or sliding glass door lock system. Sliding glass doors look luxurious and attractive which enhances benefits like space saving, easy access, beautiful glazing, beautiful style etc. Such sliding glass door are insecure if effective sliding glass door lock system is not installed on it.

Slider Bearing provides efficient glass door lock system for your glass door at home or office. Sliding glass door lock ensures security and privacy in a significant moment.

There are two types of highly used sliding glass door locks which are deadlocks and cylindrical locks with push button. Deadlock basically means a type of lock which can be opened only with the help of key or knob. Deadlocks are very hard to strike. There are two types of deadlocks in glass door lock system: single cylinder deadlocks (also called as cylindrical locks with push button) and double cylinder deadlocks.

A single cylinder deadlock is a type of lock which accepts key on one side and twist knob on the other side. It means glass door can be locked with a key from the exterior part of deadlock and it can be locked with the help of twist knob from the interior part of deadlock. In case of the double cylinder deadlock, a glass door lock is locked with the help of key from both the exterior and interior part of the glass door.

The single cylinder deadlock is highly used as it does not require a key to exit from home or office in emergency situations. Double cylinder deadlock is helpful in case of thieves entering the residential house as it requires a different key to unlock the door from the exterior and interior part of the glass door.

We at Slider Bearing, provide quality glass door locks made of stainless steel material and designed with chromium finishing. We provide systematic glass door lock system to ensure your security and privacy.