Fin Plate

SSPFN-300 mm & SSPFN-400 mm

Size: 100 mm height, 185 mm width, 400 mm length

Fin Plate Design Manufacturer

Have you ever wondered how the civil engineers have been able to build such tall buildings like Burj Khalifa, Shanghai tower, Lotte world tower etc? How such tall buildings stand strong for years? In today’s modern world of architecture, civil engineers use two unique structural elements called “beam” which is capable of withstanding load primarily by resisting bending and “pillars” which are made of concrete.

Beams are made of structural steel and they are the horizontal member in of a structure. Whereas pillars are the vertical member of a structure. There are many types of beams which civil engineers use in their construction such as the simply supported beam, fixed beam, overhanging beam, double overhanging, continuous beam etc. Beams only helps to organize the structure of building but it does not help in making the building stand strong.

The only element which helps in making the building stand strong is “Fin Plate”. Fin plate refers to a connection equipment which civil engineers use in attaching the metal beams with each other to build a building in an organized structure. Therefore civil engineers prefer quality fin plate from the best fin plate manufacturer. Fin plate connects the beam to pillars or beams to beams. Fin plate manufacturer manufactures fin plate in such a way that beams can be attached using two or more bolts as per the requirement of adjustments.

Slider Bearing, the leading fin plate manufacturer, vows to provide efficient and robust fin plate that will shape the design and architecture of your building.