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Glass Connectors

The glass is the most important element in the glass door and home improvement products. Beautiful design of glass partition in a cubical shower is shaped by the standardized structure.

Structure of a glass is not only formed by patch fittings, floor spring, and spider fitting, stainless handle but also shaped by glass connectors in an organized manner.  Glass connectors are made of stainless steel material which acts as a connection equipment of toughened glasses in all the levels of its design. Glass connectors connect the glass partition with each other to make it stand strong.

We at Slider Bearing manufacture quality glass connectors to satisfy your aesthetic standards and make your glass structure stand strong. We offer various types of glass connectors such as glass door connectors, fixed glass connectors, movable walls glass connectors, shower enclosure glass connectors, Stainless steel connecting glass connectors, canopy glass connectors, automatic sliding door glass connectors, sliding door glass connectors, patch fittings glass connectors. Our glass connectors are made of grade 304/316 stainless steel material which gives shining finishing to your glass structure. Our glass connectors are suitable as per the size and weight of your glass structure and glass partition.

Our glass connectors ensure long durability and strength of your beautiful glass structure.