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Glass doors reveal a reality behind the walls. Glass door are the one which provides lightning appeal to your home, office, and bathroom.

We offer various glass door accessories like patch fittings, stainless handle and floor spring for your office, home, and bathroom glass door fittings. Patch fittings protect interior and exterior parts of glass partitions to maintain its design.

Glass panels are protected with silicon sealants which provide toughness to the interior and exterior parts of the glass partition. Silicon sealants make the glass panels so robust that you can take the relaxing bath by leaning upon those glass partitions.

We provide glass door handles made of stainless steel material. The most important feature of handles made of the stainless steel material is that it does not result in oxidizing. Plus you can customize the installation of stainless handles on your glass door with our service. Our stainless handles will provide attractive finishing to your bathroom glass door fitting.

We provide stainless steel handles in a different variety of knobs so that it will satisfy aesthetic standards of your home, office and bathroom glass door fittings. To keep the actuation of your glass door smooth, you need floor springs. The floor springs are used in making the functionality of bathroom glass door smoothing. We provide quality floor spring for your glass doors.

We have a skilled workforce which follows standard procedure in fitting the floor spring to install glass doors.

Slider bearing, the manufacturer of glass door hardware, manufactures the floor springs which are made of a superior quality of material to give smoothness to your office, home, and bathroom glass door fittings.

You can have the best experience with our products and service at reasonable price.  We are the leading glass door hardware supplier in Thane. We can help you with regards to your glass door fittings.



We provide glass door accessories for all types of glass doors which mean whether you have clear glass door, frost glass door, tinted glass door, laminated glass door or reflective glass door installed in your building or homes we have accessories for any of them.

But suppose you are looking for some specific glass door fittings or accessories like you have been hunting for bathroom glass door fittings for days and visited many vendors then you need to check our website. If its Patch Fitting (


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