Spider Fitting

Fin Plate

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Glass elevation is the concept of facade (face of a building) glazing to secure and support the high-end exterior glass structure of the commercial and residential building by the means of point fixing.

You can buy glass elevation hardware from any glass elevation supplier. We at Slider Bearing are leading glass elevation supplier who provides various glass elevation hardware such as spider fitting and fin plate. Spider fittings give you more flexibility in customizing the design of your glass. The holes are made into all the glass panels to install the spider fitting. Spider fittings attach all the glass panels with each other. The attached glass panels are then connected to the interior structure of the building with the help of fin plate.

Installation and maintenance of spider fitting are easy and comfortable. Our spider fittings are highly durable with being adaptable to all the weather conditions. Spider fittings glaze the facade while satisfying the exterior artistic structure of commercial and residential buildings.

We supply quality spider fittings to support the exterior design of your building. Our skilled workforce and high-end technology are efficient and effective in installing the spider fittings. It gives lightening appearance to the external look of your building.

Fin plate can help in making the structure of the glass more organized. Fin plates are attached to the internal structure of the building. It maintains the exterior facade made of glass partitions.

As a leading glass elevation supplier, we assure quality output for your benefit. We are specialized in building the effective glass elevation system