Glass Sliding Fitting

SDS 02 (Alloy Body) - Ceiling Mounting - 80-100 kg.

SDS 02 (Plastic Body) Ceiling mounting 40-60 kg

When it comes to modern kitchens, offices, homes, banquet halls or any infrastructure, sliding glass doors is becoming the most common asked fitting by the people nowadays. Sliding glasses add a lot of easiness, a modern look, space saving to your space. It has become essential when it comes to modern day requirements and with that comes very small but important sliding glass fittings that help the sliding glasses move the way we want. 
Slider Bearing manufactures and deals in all sliding glass fittings that are required for all such needs. We at slider bearing are always focusing on manufacturing good quality fitting products for our customers and that is the reason why all the raw materials used by us are 100% pure and premium quality so that the final and ready products being given to our customers are 100% premium quality products which are durable, long-lasting, stylish and at reasonable rates. 
Our products have pure Stainless Steel Body, they are very smooth during operations. The Nylon wheels used are of very high quality. So be assured of the quality of our sliding glass fittings as they are under scan at single step and only good quality products are given to the customers. 
We at Slider Bearing have been in this industry for a long time and understand the importance of good and premium quality products.