Patch Fitting

SPF 1 Corner patch

SPF2 Top Patch

SPF 3 Bottom Patch

SPF 4 Over panel patch

Patch fitting SPF 5

Patch fitting SPF 6

SPF 7 L 7R Corner Patch

Patch fitting SPF 8

Patch fitting SPF 9

 SPF 11 Connector Patch Two Glasses

Patch fitting SPF 10

SPF 12 Connector Patch Two Glasses

SPF 13

Patch Fittings For Glass Doors

Patch fitting has been one of the most important tools of the modern architecture. They provide flexibility to the architects to design the structure as per their own taste and preferences. Patch fitting is an excellent product of smart architecture and design evolved over time.

In today’s time, glass doors are used everywhere let it be commercial complex, residential complex, shopping malls etc. However, the secret behind their overall structure that enables them to be placed reliably at suitable places are Patch Fittings. Glass doors and glass partition cannot stand strong if they are not attached to glass patch fittings.

Glass patch fitting is the modern concept of protecting the interior and exterior part of glass partition to preserve its design. Top and bottom glass patch fitting are inserted into the roof and the floor to fix the glass partitions. Patch fitting for glass doors enables the architect to set the location of a glass door at the right place. The architect can customize the design of a glass partition with the support of glass patch fitting.

Patch fitting is appropriate for glass doors, glass partition, glass facades. There are ranges of patch fittings from frameless glass doors patch fitting, fixed glass patch fitting, to over panel glass patch fitting. These fittings come up with different designs like a top and bottom patch fitting for glass doors.

In modern glass patch fitting concept, silicon sealants act as a cushion between the interior and exterior part of a glass partition. Patch fitting hardware like corner patch, top patch, bottom patch, over panel patch, corner patch, connector patch two glasses etc. shapes the design of the glass.

We at Slider Bearing manufacture quality patch fitting for glass doors. Our glass patch fitting made of the stainless steel material is robust and durable. Our workforce uses high-end technology to affix patch fitting for glass doors.

Patch Fittings used appropriately and creatively can significantly change the overall look of the structure, providing an astonishing aesthetic that pleases the eyes of the client and satisfies their needs perfectly.