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Shower Glass Fittings

Bath feels relaxing when it is taken in a shower cubicle which has luxurious shower fittings.

To ensure you the most enticing experience within your cubical, Slider Bearing offers the finest quality of shower glass fittings that will deliver a unique guise to your bathroom. We provide a fine variety of shower glass fittings like shower hinges, glass connectors, stainless handles, knight head, PVC seal, reinforcing bars etc.

Our shower glass fittings are made of a high-quality material, each having its own unique features and benefits. Shower hinges are used to connect glass door with glass partitions and walls. Installation of shower hinges on the wall and glass partitions tightens the glass partitions and gives strong grip to bathroom glass door. Our shower hinges secure sustainability of your glass doors and partitions.

Glass connectors are installed between two separate glass partitions. Our glass connectors of standard material ensure robust connection of glass partition of your bathroom. Our stainless handles ensure prevention of oxidization.

We have a variety of stainless handles which you can install as per the suitability of the architecture of your bathroom. You can use our knight head to transform your shower in any way you desire. We at slider bearing provides customizable knight head for your shower so that you can move it as per your taste and preferences. You can make a stylish shower cubical by installing our quality PVC seal in your bathroom. PVC seals keep the glass partition strong and straight on the ground. You can use our standard reinforcing bars in suitable space in your bathroom.

All the shower fitting attached to glass walls or designed walls will provide you a stylish cubical shower which will remove your tiredness and ease your comfort standards.

You will have fresh bathing experience by using our shower glass fittings and we will be happy to serve you.