Shower Hinges

SSH 1 Wall To Glass 90

SSH 2 Glass To Glass 180

SSH 3 Glass To Glass 135

SSH 4 Glass To Glass 90

SSH 5 Fixed Hinges

Glass Shower Door Hinges

A luxurious cubical shower is incomplete if you don’t attach glass door to it. Presence of glass door is not only enough to connect it with cubical shower.

A great method to enhance your bathing experience is to attach a beautifully designed door to the shower cubical. A lot of factors take into account the quality of the glass door. The glass thickness, the type of shower hinge used for it, etc. If you have guests over, one of the first things they notice when they enter the bathroom is the shower screen. These initial impressions are very important and can say a lot about your personality considering your taste.

That is where you need a device which will act as connecting equipment between the glass door and a cubical shower. A Glass shower door hinges solves this problem by connecting the glass door to glass partition of cubical shower. Glass door hinges makes the actuation process of glass door smooth and easy by eliminating problem of noise barrier. Glass shower door hinges are chosen and installed according to size and weight of the glass door of the cubical shower.

Slider Bearing being the leading manufacturer of glass shower door hinges provides a variety of glass door hinges which will match with the architectural design of your cubical shower. Our high-quality glass door hinges made of stainless steel material has shining finishing on the surface of glass door hinges which prevents oxidization. We offer the diverse range of glass door hinges that protect your glass door by ensuring its smooth functionality. One of the benefits of participating in a business with us is that we even provide both free as well as paid samples to our consumers before starting the contract so you have a better idea of what might be the end product.

There are many different variety of hinge products used when applicable. Some of the most reliable and popular hinges are shower door pivot hinge, spring shower hinges, door window hinges, etc. One can only appreciate the value of these hinges when they are examined separately element by element.

Types of shower hinges available at us are wall to glass 90, glass to glass 180, glass to glass 135, glass to glass 90, and fixed hinges. Every type of shower hinges has its own limitation. For example, wall to glass door hinges holds the weight of a glass door up to 38kg. Glass to glass door hinge holds the weight of a glass door up to 25 kg. Selection of a hinge depends upon the placement of your cubical shower. For example, if you want to install the glass door to the wall in your cubical shower you can use our wall to glass shower door hinges 90 which rotates the glass door up to 90 degrees.

In case your glass door is attached to a glass partition of your cubical shower then you can use our glass to glass shower door hinge 180 which rotates the glass door up to 180 degrees and it gives you flexibility in pulling and pushing the glass door.