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See the beautiful world through the window.

We, as a window part manufacturer provide window hardware like sliding window parts, window accessories, nylon bearing, window hinges to help you to see the world. Slider Bearing, the leading window part manufacturer, provides a variety of window accessories like straight bracket, reverse bracket, type bearing, Spacers etc. These are types of wheels which are highly used in windows for sliding purpose. Our window accessories make the functionality of your windows smooth. Pushing a window aside is very convenient with the help of our good quality window accessories.

Window hinges are used in manual windows. Window hinges make the movement of windows flexible. They can be used in wood, aluminium and plastic windows. In this way, you keep the interior and exterior design of your window in an organized manner.

Slider Bearing, as the best window part manufacturer have a variety of window accessories and windows hinges which are eligible for installation to any type of windows. We provide nylon bearing of various high-quality materials. Nylon bearing is attached to lower part of a window so that it can move in a smooth way.

Plus the advantage of our nylon bearing is that it can also be used for sliding doors and bed.