Pressure adjustable brake for stopping. Can be used for side hung horizontal axis opening ventilators, as well as top hung vertical axis opening windows. Can be used in wood, aluminium or plastic windows. Self-cleaning design. Also now available in independent left and right hand working for better closing and alignment.


Thickness 2mm

Thickness 2.5mm

Thickness 3mm

8" - 90-degree opening
10" - 90-degree opening
16" - 90-degree opening
10" - 90-degree opening
12" - 90-degree opening
18" - 90-degree opening
12" - 90-degree opening
14" - 90-degree opening
20" - 45-degree opening
14" - 90-degree opening
24" - 45-degree opening

Window Hinges

The moment when you open the window, your home fills up with the natural cold wind that makes your home a beautiful element of nature. But such experience is sensible only when you have casement window in your home or office. Casement window opens outward. They are attached to window hinges on either one or more side. There are many benefits of casement window hinges.

Window hinges make the actuation of the casement window smooth and flexible. The casement windows are very customizable as they are highly available in the varieties of colors, shapes, designs, and frames which will match with an aesthetic appeal of the interior design of your home. But casement windows fails to meet aesthetic standards when those casement windows make noise while moving.

The problem does not lie in its window frames. The real problem lies in its window hinges. Noise in casement windows occurs when window hinges start getting affected by oxidization. Oxidization disturbs the smooth functionality of casement windows.

We at Slider Bearing offers efficient window hinges that will smoothen the functionality of your casement window. Our casement windows installed with smooth functioning window hinges gives you increased ventilation. Our quality window hinges available in various sizes makes it easy for you to open and close the casement window.

Window hinges enhance the security of your home. Casement windows are mostly used in the kitchen in order to flow out the smoke formed while cooking. Therefore we offer quality window hinges which will also work as a vent in your kitchen.